12 heist movies to make you feel like you’re up to something while social distancingSitting at home with my laptop and a cup of hot cocoa, I feel the call of the heist.
As streamers the world over continue social distancing, things are getting, well, a little boring. Sure, I’m indulging in plenty of teen dramas, stand-up specials, and comedies. But something inside of me (and I imagine others) longs for the tension of a stealth maneuver, the thrill of the open road, and the excitement of that final stand-off where you just don’t know who will win. 
Enter the magical world of heist cinema. Strap in, suit up, and try to remember which briefcase was which — because, ranked from least to most narratively complex, here are 12 crime movies to help you feel like you’re up to [gestures wildly] something while social distancing.  Read more…More about Netflix, Hulu, Streaming Services, Heist Movies, and Coronavirus

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