CCTV security guard in the mall building.Enlarge / CCTV security guard in the mall building.
Detroit’s police chief admitted on Monday that facial recognition technology used by the department misidentifies suspects about 96 percent of the time. It’s an eye-opening admission given that the Detroit Police Department is facing criticism for arresting a man based on a bogus match from facial recognition software.
Last week, the ACLU filed a complaint with the Detroit Police Department on behalf of Robert Williams, a Black man who was wrongfully arrested for stealing five watches worth $3,800 from a luxury retail store. Investigators first identified Williams by doing a facial recognition search with software from a company called DataWorks Plus. Under police questioning, Williams pointed out that the grainy surveillance footage obtained by police didn’t actually look like him. The police lacked other evidence tying Williams to the crime, so they begrudgingly let him go.
Now Vice’s Jason Koebler reports that Detroit Police Chief James Craig acknowledged the flaws with its facial recognition software at a Monday event.Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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