'Fuser' feels amazing to play, but it doesn't quite nail the 'be a DJ all-star!' fantasyI really want Fuser to be awesome, if only because the basic mechanics are so ridiculously cool.
Imagine you’re a headlining DJ. You’ve got a crate of records to spin, a spread of turntables and mixing gear, and an audience. Your job is to make an epic and ever-evolving mix out of popular songs, whipping the crowd into an ecstatic frenzy with creative pairings and dramatic drops.
That’s Fuser. It’s like a video-game version of DropMix, the app-enhanced tabletop game that lets you create musical mash-ups using NFC-equipped playing cards. Both are products of the talented creative team at Harmonix, the Boston-based studio best known for the Rock Band series. Read more…More about Harmonix, Fuser, Entertainment, Music, and Gaming

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