Grab a GameCube-style wireless controller for your Nintendo Switch for $27Enlarge (credit: Ars Technica)
Today’s Dealmaster is headed up by a deal on PowerA’s Wireless GameCube-style controller for the Nintendo Switch. Normally retailing in the $37-$40 range, it’s currently down to $27 on Amazon. The catch is that only the yellow Pokemon-themed variant is available at this price, but this is still the lowest price we’ve seen for the gamepad outside of a very brief drop to $25 during Amazon’s Black Friday sale last year.
We’ve tested and recommended this controller as part of our guide to the best Nintendo Switch accessories. As its extremely direct name suggests, the point here is to replicate the gamepad that came standard with Nintendo’s old GameCube console. For the most part, PowerA’s controller does that: it has the same asymmetrical face buttons, thin handles, well-balanced weight, and crisp “C-stick” from years ago, with the Switch’s menu buttons added on. This layout has been a favorite of Super Smash Bros. players in particular, and it generally serves its purpose with Super Smash Bros. UltimateBut it should also have appeal as an affordable alternative to Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller, as it’s much less cramped than the Switch’s stock Joy-Cons and comes with an actual d-pad.
There are some caveats worth noting, though. While the PowerA pad does support the same motion controls as the Pro Controller, it lacks any of Nintendo’s HD rumble functionality. Its triggers still aren’t analog, and its hard plastic chassis, while comfortable, certainly doesn’t feel premium. It also runs on AA batteries instead of a rechargeable unit, though it does get roughly 30 hours of juice at a time, which is decent.Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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