How to watch 'Hamilton' on Disney+How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman end up on your TV? A Hamilton live recording, of course. The Broadway sensation is set to hit Disney+ on July 3, a year and a half ahead of its original scheduled release date.
Disney has blessed us with a couple trailers to get us pumped for the show. Exhibit A:

Unlike other popular musicals like Les Misérables, this is not a film adaptation; it’s a 2016 recording of the performance featuring the original Broadway cast — yes, that includes Lin-Manuel Miranda. While it obviously won’t be the same as seeing the smash musical in person, you can gather up some refreshments, get dressed up, and act like you’re heading to the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The recording even has pre-show announcements and a brief intermission between acts to help set the mood. Read more…More about Streaming, Hamilton, Mashable Shopping, Disney Plus, and Entertainment

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