Please brands, no April Fools' Day pranks this yearApril Fools’ Day is nearly here and, in more typical times, that’d mean a bevy of brands pulling their usual “fun” pranks. 
To those brands, I plead: Please, no. Not this year. 
Not as the coronavirus rampages throughout the globe, sickening and killing thousands of people. Please. We just do not need the dumb jokes, the fake products, the corny nonsense
More than 3 million Americans lost their jobs last week. It stands to reason some of the brands that would normally do so-called pranks have laid people off. Pretty much everyone is scared. 
Things are bad! They are getting worse! In all likelihood, they will continue to get worse!  Read more…More about Brands, Prank, April Fools Day, Public Relations, and Coronavirus

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