Should I use Zoom or FaceTime? Here’s how to decide.Working from home can be tricky to get used to, especially when you’re just thrust into it out-of-the-blue, thanks to a global pandemic. Social distancing in order to combat the coronavirus can lead to a very different social life, too.
That’s where video calling comes in.
Many people are working remotely for the first time and are also unable to physically meet with family and friends. Video communication apps, software, and services have taken center stage as a critical resource to keep people connected during these times.
The truth, however, is that most people are still unfamiliar with the technology. You might see a lot of talk about Zoom right now. Do you need to use it? Oh look, you have FaceTime on your iPhone! Can’t you just go with that? Read more…More about Apple, Zoom, Facetime, Video Chat, and Video Conferencing

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