Slack has seen a massive surge in users during coronavirus pandemicThe coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the working lives of people across the world. Some have taken pay cuts, some have lost their jobs, and many livelihoods are still at risk.
But as more and more people work from home under government recommendation, there are also companies that have seen the opposite happen.
Slack is one of them.
On Wednesday night, the CEO of the instant messaging platform, Stewart Butterfield, took to Twitter to describe how recent weeks have affected the company.

My day job (also: night job) is CEO of Slack, a publicly traded company with investors to whom I am a fiduciary, 110k+ paying customers of all sizes, and thousands of employees I care about very, very much. The last few weeks have been 🤯😳😢 Here’s what it’s been like. [Thread]
— Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) March 26, 2020 Read more…

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