Snapchat wants to help you bust coronavirus myths with a new gameIf you’re unsure about a coronavirus-related question, the best place to go is an official health agency website, like the CDC’s coronavirus FAQ page, or the World Health Organization’s “myth busters” portal.
But if you’re just looking to test your knowledge and bone up on Covid-19 facts, you can now do so with a trivia game in your Snapchat app —and the help of an animated coronavirus molecule.
At 12:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, Snapchat will roll out a “Covid-19 Myth Busting” game. It’s a trivia game that appears as an interactive filter over the selfie-facing camera view. The questions and answers are based on information from the WHO, and contain a similar content to the organization’s dedicated myth-busting center.  Read more…More about Snapchat, Coronavirus, Tech, Social Media Companies, and Health

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