YouTube TV's price jumps to $65 per month thanks to MTV, BET, and moreIn 2017, YouTube TV allowed us to dream of a better, cheaper future without cable. But, to quote Bruce Springsteen, “Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?”
We can’t answer heady philosophical questions like that around here, but more to the point: YouTube TV got a hefty price hike this week. It’s now $65 per month — a $15 increase over the $50 monthly fee YouTube starting charging just about a year ago. For reference, the service was just $35 per month when it launched three years ago. It’s now a full $20 per month more expensive than Sling’s Orange+Blue plan, if you want to compare it to a popular competitor. Read more…More about Cable, Youtube Tv, Tech, Consumer Tech, and Big Tech Companies

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